OCG LOGISTICS is a fully integrated logistics asset based
provider dedicated to offer the best solutions in supply chain and
logistics services. The company's founder has over 20 years of
experience in providing logistics services for the manufacturing
sector. Our solutions will help companies to improve service and
increase profitability.

We will make sure that your freight will get to the destination as
promised, due to our own equipment and our partner carriers. We
are servicing all 48 states plus we have an office in Houston, TX
and one in Detroit, MI.

Our number one asset are our people. First of all, we rely on our
dedicated staff to make sure to follow through that your shipment
is handled properly (claim free), picked up and delivered on time.

We can take care of all your freight needs. We can handle freight
from one  box or pallet to heavy machinery. We have solutions for
all your shipping needs. Contact us to today to provide you with
the most affordable and fastest service. We can tailor services to
your specific needs at very affordable prices.

Services in:

  • Expedited 24/7 services
  • Truck Load and Less-Than-Truckload
  • Intermodal - Rail
  • Warehousing

Industries we serve:
  • Construction
  • Oil & Gas

Truck Load and Less-Than-Truckload
Get access to a variety of custom solutions that will deliver your
freight on time and save you money on your shipments through
our extensive network. We can ship from one to multiple pallets.
We will ship to Canada and Mexico as well.

We will design, plan, control and monitor supply chain activities
with the objective of creating net value, building a competitive
infrastructure, leveraging logistics to synchronize supply with
demand and measuring performance globally.

Engineer your logistics by outsourcing to 3PL

  • Decide if a strategic decision to outsource some or all of
    logistics operations makes sense for your company.

  • What pieces of supply chain to outsource.

  • What regions to outsource.

  • Decide if outsourcing will be a big bang or phased approach.

  • Do you want the 3PL to implement a clean-sheet network
    design, or keep existing design and require 3PL to hire your
    logistics employees?

  • Assemble a multi-disciplinary outsourcing team:
    transportation, warehousing, manufacturing, customer
    service, IT, human resources, finance and legal.

  • Decide and define the scope of outsourced services and
    key 3PL attributes required to handle them.
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